Unless my summer class is super-intense, then I think I just completed the last busy week of my college career. I remember during my second-to-last busy week (yeah, I count these things out), I was really looking forward to this one, because it would be the last one. This one involved three papers due on three consecutive days, and one involved cramming a 400-page book into two sleepless nights of reading.

Needless to say, I didn’t like the book. I did somehow manage to finish all three papers on time, and I rewarded myself with a full night of sleep. It was glorious.

On Monday night, I had two important revelations. The first one was recognizing that I needed to start reading or writing or outlining or highlighting or researching for a deadline that was quickly approaching.

The second one was an overwhelming urge to make pop-tarts. This is not a good thing to think about when you have 20-ish pages to write on the allocation of transportation funds in Congress, or British colonialism in 19th century Mughal India, or Iran(enough said about that!).

I can ignore the TV, I can keep myself off of facebook and twitter, but the thought of making warm, flaky pop-tarts nagged at my conscience all week.

But now, I can finally give in to that urge to bake (before I start studying for finals…boooo!)

I got the recipe for the crust from the Purple Foodie and the basic step-by-step instructions from Chez Pim(even though, it’s pretty straightforward). I used a pasta roller to roll out the dough, and filled them with raspberry, strawberry, and cloudberry jams. You don’t hear much about cloudberries in the states, but I think they’re more prominent in Scandinavia, or in more northern climates in general. I got my jar of cloudberry jam at the Helsinki airport. The taste is hard to describe, it’s kind of tart and not too sweet. I’m a big fan!