I guess it goes without saying that I’ve taken a loooong break from blogging, but believe me, a lot has been going on. The big news is that I’m moving overseas!!!

Where exactly? I’m not sure I can say. Somewhere in the Middle East.

When is this happening? Soon, unfortunately. Mid-July until next March-ish (or earlier, or later).

Worst part? I won’t have a kitchen. Yeah…so no baking for about eight months. Blog entries won’t completely stop. I’ve been baking up a storm lately and I have all of the pictures ready to get pasted into all of the half-written drafts I have, so those will eventually get posted once I get over there and I have some free time. Other than that, this blog will lean towards a travel and photo blog. Maybe I’ll throw in my two cents about politics, etc etc, especially with so much exciting stuff going on in the region!

Did I mention that I’m a youngin? Barely 21, not even out of school yet (I leave two weeks after my summer class ends), so I’m hoping to do something fun while I’m over there. Maybe visit a zoo? Goofy photoshoots around monuments? We’ll see.

Food will not completely disappear from this lovely space of internet though. I’m planning on a trip to Malaysia for vacation, pretty much for the sole purpose of eating fantastic street food the entire time.

But…yeah. That’s my life at the moment. Finishing summer school (History of the Middle East, how relevant!), working my butt off, endless annoying preparations (a TRILLION immunizations!), and most importantly, trying to find any spare moment to visit family and friends. It’s hectic, but there are some good things coming my way…hopefully.

(or as they say in the Middle East, insha’allah!)