Mamadjan update

Getting bigger, so she’s now getting stuck in the tiny crevices she previously loved to explore. And she’s getting more adventurous, bolting to the door ready to pounce into the outside world every time we open it. She’s also getting more brazen with attempting to claw her way up the lovely carpets that hang on our walls (yay for nail clippers).

It’s Friday, so I’ve been lazing around the apartment in Farrell’s sweater (it’s getting cooler!) since my only class (Russian, of course) ended at 10:40. I just finished my first roll of film in my Kodak Signet, an etsy find from months ago when I decided that my latest obsession would be to create beautiful prints with an old 35mm camera. I had barely looked at the thing before the day my camera disappeared, but now? I guess there’s no better time than when you have no other options.

A couple of you asked how the case was going, and I would say it’s going exactly how you would expect when there’s a post-Soviet police and bureaucratic system working on it and the only person who could potentially help find the thief/ves is some American kid with an inflated ego.

(I seriously considered asking him if I could borrow a camera from his array of sophisticated I’m-a-freelance-journalist-and-photographer equipment, but he uses Nikon. The nerve!)

The police have put off meeting with either me or the previous tenant for over a week, probably because they’ve been sharpening their marching skills for a military/police parade we saw yesterday. The previous tenant has refused to cooperate until he gets a lawyer from the U.S. Embassy and he’s shown hints of wanting to protect his “friends” anyway.

I posted this offer elsewhere, but it still stands. Farrell and I are looking to buy a Canon 7D, but rather than deal with the 20-30% price hike in Bishkek, or gamble with a potentially unreliable postal system, if anybody is willing to have the camera shipped to their (state-side) home and take a lovely vacation to Kyrgyzstan, you would find yourself with FREE accommodations, entertainment, and eternal gratitude.