Operation Lada

Hello, February in Kyrgyzstan! We got a tease of spring with one sunny day in the high 40s (err… 7 or 8 degrees C?), but as of this morning we were hurled back into the throes of the harsh (post-)Soviet winter.

I was bundled up in my office (aka, the couch) working on my lesson for tomorrow (composition!) when Farrell said:

“Oh snap! The coolest Lada just pulled in to the courtyard. Bright yellow, and it might be a station-wagon.”

Operation Throw-on-snow-clothes-and-rush-outside-with-camera-before-driver-returns-and-sees-creepy-foreign-girl-photographing-his-car was officially under way.

Sadly, it was not a station-wagon, but it was still awesome.

And no, we weren’t completely discreet, but I managed to get some photos of it anyway.

Overall, I’d say it was a success. And, you already know about my obsession with these adorable Soviet cars, right? No? Well, mosey on over to my Flickr set for shots of all sorts of brightly colored, beat-up, four-wheeled disasters from the roads of Bishkek.