June 2011

cleaning out my wallet; dregs of forgotten voyages

June 22, 2011

In five days, I’m leaving Bishkek (again) to spend a month in Dubai. Didn’t I just get back here? Yes, and I’m a bit reluctant to move myself away from my current home again, especially to spend an undoubtedly warm month in an already humid region, but it’s for an opportunity that, in my opinion, […]

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Behind the scenes with HHI: Part 3, brilliant ideas to chew on

June 18, 2011

From an email with the production company: (disregard the typos) “The other things I wanted to talk to you about are the things you like doing around the town of Kygyzstan. I read one of the interesting foods you have them is like a Hamburger, but instead it’s called a gamburger. I thought it would […]

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oddities of being back in the states

June 14, 2011

A list of random things about life in the U.S. that struck me as a bit odd after 10ish months living in Bishkek. – I’m much more self-conscious of pulling out my camera in public. At times it felt too touristy, and other times too familiar. This shot of Philadelphia is one of the only […]

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behind the scenes with HHI: part 2, how not to make whipped cream

June 9, 2011

I like to think of myself as a complex person with a wide-range of interests, but it’s all too much for 21 minutes of reality TV to attempt to show all of my many, glittering facets. Instead, viewers will get two very basic views of me: – Photographer Kirstin – Baker/Food-blogger Kirstin (both of which […]

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