Dubai: Day 1

Baaah, okay. All it took was one snarky comment from my father (who’s biking across America at the moment, go check out his blog!) and I’ve had to do some growing up and re-evaluating of my current situation. I’m in Dubai, for free, learning photography. Yes, the living situation is sort of f***ed up (see here), but other than that, it’s not such a bad way to live.

So, let’s start again. It’s my first full day in Dubai. I pile into the back of a Jaguar with the two model interns and the other photography intern, and we’re driven to a location that mostly comprises camels and rolling sand dunes (it could probably describe the majority of the UAE, but in this case I think we were in Ajman). My first assignment is to photography camels for a bit.

Then I am given Adelina to photograph.

(more photos after the jump)

Adelina is 15 years old, from Kyrgyzstan, and is a bit of a firecracker. Her English isn’t that great, and she truly believes that I understand her when she babbles in Russian.

We figured out how to communicate a bit after rolling around in the sand for an hour or so.

Then we drove to a different set of sand dunes. This time I got to photograph Aikol, who’s 20 years old and also from Kyrgyzstan.

We stopped at a juice stand (something I desperately miss about living in the Middle East) and I introduced the girls to the glories of fresh mango juice. Overall, an interesting first day.

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  1. Found your blog when I was looking up info on Kyrgyzstan, and I’m still enjoying your pictures.

    With this set — your camels look so skinny! Has the hair been shaved off?
    And, why are women from Kyrgyzstan modeling in Dubai?

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