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Kyrgyz Music Friday is a weekly feature in which I post a pop music video from an artist in Kyrgyzstan. It could be catchy, annoying, funny, insightful, brilliant, awful, or anything in between. It’s what’s playing on the radio, what all the cool kids are listening to these days. Kyrgyz Music Friday is not trying to appeal to your musical taste (which I’m sure is awesome), but simply gives you a glimpse into how pop music is done on this side of the world. Feel free to share your thoughts on this week’s video in the comment section!

This week’s video is a bit different from the past few. It’s in Russian (which, as we all know, is widely spoken in Bishkek), it’s performed by a group of artists, and it’s very much a rap song. But I can rarely leave my house without hearing it on a marshrutka, in a grocery store, or blaring out the window of someone’s car at a stoplight. This song, without a doubt, is popular. I even saw it performed live at a benefit show last November, and when these guys held their mics out to the audience of screaming girls, they knew all the words.

The song is performed by Nurbek, CeeTee (Kanykei’s producer!) and a rap-duo known as Oakland (I’m still trying to decipher the Bishkek-Oakland connection, but they play the part well. Look for when one-half of the duo strolls by a bunch of limos carrying a bottle of something in a brown paper bag.) for the soundtrack to the movie “Bishkek, I Love You” (Бишкек, Я люблю тебя).

The video is interspersed with some clips from the film, which I haven’t seen yet. I really should just get down to a bazaar and try to find a copy (or does anybody know how I can watch it online?), because it has been out for over a year now and I’m the only one of my friends that hasn’t seen it. At this point, mostly everybody involved with the making of “Bishkek, I Love You” has moved onto a new project, “Salam, New York“.

From what I can tell, “Bishkek, I Love You” follows a similar construction to “Paris, Je t’aime” and “New York, I love you“, where different directors and actors collaborate on a series of short episodes about various aspects of Bishkek life. I’ve heard plenty of opinions from people who love it and hate it, so while I can guess which way my cynical heart will lean, I’ll reserve judgment until I see it.

Overall, this is a song I actually enjoy listening to, not just because of any kitsch value. It has a catchy hook, good production, it’s not overly auto-tuned, and the video is just as well-made as the song. I hope we all agree, this song just does not suck (and believe me, there are some songs coming out of this country that do).

So, you agree with me, right? This song is awesome?

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  1. I’m so surprised to see this video featuring on your blog! Nurbek is a good friend of mine and a very good musician. Also check out his band Yellow Blue Bus on facebook. Cheers

  2. I’ve been saying all along how beautiful the Kyrgyz girls are and now I have to say what a cutie the acoustic guitar / bearded boy is… I can see why the local girls are swooning. I loved the gangsta’ style handshakes when they met at the end. Is shaking hands even a custom there? As far as the music – it was surprisingly mellow and the chorus very melodic and infectious. I can see why it is so popular. Any hope of a translation?

  3. Maybe I should just change it to Nurbek Music Friday, he seems to have a lot of fans.

    I JUST figured out that the song is about Bishkek (the title translates to “little Bee” or “Baby Bee”), which makes a whole lot of sense considering it’s for the movie Bishkek, I love you. Here is a (very rough) translation of the lyrics (via Google translate, followed by the Russian lyrics):

    The city noise, noise, noise,
    Do not drown my blues, blues, blues.
    As long as I breathe, as long as I breathe,
    Try the taste of life, try the taste of life. x3

    My capital, my little Bee,
    I’m yours until the end of days as in the NBA Bryant Kobe.
    Hey, Mom, this is Sammy, and Homa, my giga-life game
    And we have a big league.
    I am in this sea whale, all the rest-plankton.
    Turns me on a bit, and Malyshkin groan.
    On the streets of Egypt, in our mobile ringtone
    I need a Lincoln, Franklin and Washington.
    Who has studied Freud, believes in action
    Behind the wheel Escalade Jackpot – a dream of the nation.
    We are changing, not just changing clothes,
    All of me you will, there is hope.

    chorus x2

    Bee My Baby, I’m yours till the end of the day
    Like Bee and Clyde, like B and J. (Beyonce and Jay-Z)
    There are no ports and no seas
    But the day came from the valley hundreds of ships.
    The Bible, Kara, different faiths,
    I want to know what they believe millionaires.
    It’s not black magic, the magic of black
    Over the puff, Marry Jay for three.
    This is our, and our cars city
    Day after day, and to hell with reason.
    I looked at the sky on it, just take out my eyes,
    Let the smoke due to the fact that there is a number.
    Full of my pocket and my glass
    As long as baby taxis Bee cash.
    Bee City is our Rome,
    Bee City, and we shall conquer.

    Chorus x2

    City of Hope, the city of my dreams,
    The city of my passion, my baby Bee,
    This ecstasy, music introduces everyone to ecstasy
    City, and all eyes are on us.
    I’m like a fish in water in its territory,
    Here is my life and a million stories.
    Surrounded by mountains and stone blocks,
    We continue to do so all the pitching.
    We as headliners create traffic
    The city has chosen us, we are the voice generation.
    And for the trust we owe it to him,
    I know better days are ahead.
    By walking these streets only the best lady
    They will give odds, the rest of the world.
    And the world is no better place for me
    My baby Bee, I love you!

    Городской шум, шум, шум,
    Не заглушить мой блюз,блюз, блюз.
    Пока я дышу, пока я дышу,
    Пробую жизнь на вкус, пробую жизнь на вкус. х3

    Моя столица, моя малышка Би,
    Я твой до конца дней как в NBA Bryant Kobe.
    Хей, ма!Это Sammy и Хома, мой гига жизнь-игра,
    И у нас большая лига.
    Я в этом море кит, все остальные-планктон.­
    Меня заводит бит, и Малышкин стон.
    На этих улицах Египт, в мобилах наш рингтон,
    Мне нужен Линкольн, Франклин и Вашингтон.
    Кто изучил Фрейда, cчитает акции,
    За рулем Escalade Jackpot – мечта нации.
    Мы меняемся, Не только меняя одежду,
    Меняешься ты Все будет, есть надежда.

    Моя Малышка Би, Я твой до конца дней,
    Как Bi и Clyde, как B и J.
    Здесь нет портов и нет морей,
    Но в день с долины приходят сотни кораблей.
    Библия, Кара, разные веры,
    Хочу знать во что верят миллионеры.
    Это не чёрная магия, это магия черных,
    За пыхом пых, Marry Jay на троих.
    Это наш, и наших cars город,
    Тусы день за днем, и к черту повод.
    Смотрю в небо на него, достаю лишь взглядом,
    Пускаю дым за того, которого нет рядом.
    Полон мой карман и мой бокал,
    Пока малышка Би рулит нал.
    Би сити, это наш Рим,
    Би сити, и мы его покорим.

    припев х2

    Город надежды, город моей мечты,
    Город моей страсти, моя малышка Би,
    Здесь экстази, music вводит всех к экстаз,
    Город, и все взгляды обращены на нас.
    Я как рыба в воде на его территории,
    Здесь моя жизнь и еще миллион историй.
    В окружении гор и каменных кварталов,
    Мы продолжаем делать так чтобы всех качало.
    Мы как хэдлайнеры создаем движения,
    Этот город выбрал нас, мы голос поколения.
    И за доверия мы в долгу перед ним,
    Я знаю лучшие дни будут впереди.
    По этим улицам гуляют лишь лучшие леди,
    Они дадут форы, остальным планеты.
    И в мире нет лучшего места для меня,
    Моя малышка Би, я люблю тебя!

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