Kyrgyz Music Friday

Kyrgyz Music Friday is a weekly feature in which I post a pop music video from an artist in Kyrgyzstan. It could be catchy, annoying, funny, insightful, brilliant, awful, or anything in between. It’s what’s playing on the radio, what all the cool kids are listening to these days. Kyrgyz Music Friday is not trying to appeal to your musical taste (which I’m sure is awesome), but simply gives you a glimpse into how pop music is done on this side of the world. Feel free to share your thoughts on this week’s video in the comment section!

This week’s video is the latest song by Ilyaz Andash (Ильяз Андаш) called “Duinodo seni sugon bir adam bar” (Дүйнөдө сени сүйгөн бир адам бар). I hadn’t heard of him before, but the song has been getting some decent airtime on Kyrgyz radio stations recently. It’s a sweet little tune with a cutesy, wholesome video to match, depicting Kyrgyz people in various occupations lip-synching the song’s lyrics.

The song has a folksy, traditional vibe to it, featuring what sounds like Kyrgyz musical instruments in the background. It’s nothing remarkable or especially catchy (in my opinion), but the video is quite adorable. I love the snapshot of all the different people and scenes from Bishkek life, but I especially love both the mix of people who are super enthusiastic to lip-synch and the people who look like they aren’t totally sure what’s going on but they’ll mouth these lyrics anyway. I could use a lot less of that fake sun flare on every single shot, but in general the video quality looks pretty nice.

My favorite scene is the one with the somewhat-reluctant tough guy boxers near the end, how about you?

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  1. I saw Iiya at the airport once. It translates as “There is only one person in the world to love you”… awww

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