Galactic Marshrutka

Can dreams come true?

Yes. Yes they can. I finally photographed the Galactic Marshrutka this weekend.

I wasn’t prepared, except that I had my camera out at the moment it drove past me. The pictures aren’t amazing (they’re a bit blurry, in fact), but good enough to prove its elusive existence.

As you can see, my previous rendition of the marshrutka (which is the Russian word for these public transportation vehicles) was sadly inaccurate. The real thing is much more awesome than I could have depicted on my own. There is, in fact, a mini-Galactic Marshrutka rolling over the desolate craters of some distant, orange planet. On the back, a flying Galactic Marshrutka is equipped with a laser to blast pesky space rocks out of its way. If I remember correctly, the other side shows a rugged cosmonaut.

What is this car’s history? Did the owner in Kyrgyzstan paint it like that, or did he import it from somewhere in Europe? And if that’s the case, why would anybody give up such a masterpiece? Do people in Bishkek appreciate the Galactic Marshrutka?

This has made me more determined than ever to get some actual decent photos of it. Now that I know its route, it’s on!

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    1. It doesn’t look like it’s too packed, but there’s a row of seats in the back and it looks like there somebody’s just leaning against the window.

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for years now, so it was a strange treat to see you finally finding the “galactic mashrutka” !! I actually squealed for you!

    1. I’ve seen it several times since first posting about it, but I finally had my camera with me. I tried to chase after it to get a better view but it drove away 🙁

    1. I don’t know the endpoints, but in these pictures its going west on Frunze and turning south on Sovietska. I’ve previously spotted it going east on Chuy by Sovietska, and going east on Kievska by Manas. I think it might go between Osh Bazaar and…maybe Dordoi Plaza?

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