2014 Resolutions

January 6, 2014 · 4 comments

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As a millenial and a twentysomething woman, I feel it is steeped in my cultural upbringing to admit for the billionth time that I love writing lists of goals, resolutions and things-to-do, then blog about those lists and potentially not follow through on most of what is listed on those lists.

So here we go again.

2014 will be the year when I settle into a routine. This is our house, this is our city, this is where we live for 2014. 2014 will be the year for relaxing at home, welcoming visitors to our home, and getting used to the idea of a home, rather than a temporary shelter solution. I can’t predict what this year will be like for traveling, I suspect that there may be day-trips or weekend trips, but nothing huge. Farrell has to replenish his stock of vacation days at work, and frankly (if this wasn’t already incredibly obvious), I’m just a bit worn out (still!) from 2013’s constant movement.

2014 will be the year when I focus on activities. I just received a sewing machine for Christmas from Farrell (omg!!!), which now makes it possible for me to tackle the long list of sewing projects I’ve been dutifully cataloging for the past few years.


Stuffed animals, clothes, accessories, quilts, etc. I am excited to have a machine of my own. I never shared it on the blog, but back in 2012 when I was sitting around my mom’s house in the US, waiting for my never-ending pregnancy to end, I sewed a doll for Darwin.


We call him Mister Man; he has a receding hairline and is sort of shaped like a tooth. I enjoyed making it, and I enjoyed seeing the end result and thinking of how the next version could be improved.


I also enjoy writing, I enjoy blogging, I enjoy taking photos (digital and film), and I recently started playing around with cut paper designs. I think I might like to dabble in watercolor and digital filmmaking (I’ve been wanting to dabble in that for years now). The toughest part is that I know I will only really enjoy spending time on any of these activities if I feel like I’m making progress and that I’m going to, one day in the near future, be good at it. But I won’t know unless I try.

Therefore, this will be the year for trying.

This didn’t turn out to be so list-y after all. I do have a Master To-Do List open on my desktop at all times (I use Workflowy to keep track of that stuff) with smaller lists of DIY or other creative projects I want to try, blog posts I want to write, and some more vague ambitions that I want to keep within eyesight. Most of these things have coherent steps lined out, I just need to get the motivation to carry them out.

So, what do you say? 2014; let’s do this.

P.S. – I guess I did have another resolution; I’m taking a break from Facebook for a month. Obviously, I have to announce it to the Internet, and then I’ll probably blog about my experience after the month is over. I’m hoping to become less preoccupied with social media, which would leave me more time to explore all my hobbies. Let’s see how it goes!

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