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April 29, 2014 · 8 comments

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One distinctly unique behavior I noticed among my Belgian friends in Kyrgyzstan is that they were constantly talking about terraces. It’s sunny, let’s go sit on a terrace. We’ll order tea and beer and sit on a nice terrace.


Farrell and I could never match their enthusiasm, especially in Bishkek where it was sunny most of the time. They’d tell us about how it rained a lot where they came from, Ghent, and we’d nod our heads and pretend like we understood their obsession with sunshine and terraces.

But now, we truly get it.


It rains a lot in Ghent. When it’s not raining, a lot of days are just grey. The season has been teasing us with warm weather lately, but as soon as the sun is hidden behind an (inevitable) cloud or two, it’s chilly again.

With the sign that perhaps more consistent warm weather is on the way, we took the cue and trekked out to Ikea to buy furniture for our little slab of outdoor space. And with ridiculously long days (northern latitudes, what a weird thing), I foresee many nights watching the sky change colors with my lovely love after Darwin goes to bed.


(Unless, of course, it’s raining like it is today, soaking our new furniture and grill.)

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