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May 2, 2014 · 8 comments

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We landed in Philadelphia yesterday afternoon having survived an 8 1/2-hour flight from Brussels. We immediately experienced some authentic Philly culture in the form of a gravel-voiced waitress at a nearby diner (“What’ll ya have, sweet-haht“), where we got a quick burger-and-fries fix before sending Farrell back to the airport to fly to Colorado and start his US tour with the Language of Termites.

In the meantime, my role as Darwin’s one-and-only is being downgraded by the second as his grandparents shower him with all of the affection and attention they’ve been storing up since they saw him in October.

My plans for the next two weeks:
– say “hi” to Darwin occasionally
– stuff my suitcase with new clothes
– fill up my time with Skillshare classes (I just bought a membership for myself and I love it so far)
– eat Ethiopian food at least a billion times, if not more

Posting will probably be slow, but you can head over to Annie’s blog, Montgomery Fest, and check out my guest post on how I met Farrell (and stay to read her posts! She has envy-inducing adventures).

When we fly back to Belgium, my dad and stepmom are coming with us! Tell me all about the most fun things to do in Belgium (or day-trip distance from Ghent), because even at six months, I’m not much of an expert. Alsjeblieft and dank u wel!

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