turning 26

May 21, 2014 · 18 comments

in Belgium

Today I start my new job as a Social Media Manager for a company that makes TVs. I know! Millennial dream job! Absolutely nothing like what I went to university for! I am nervous and super excited.

Oh yeah, and I turn 26 today.

It doesn’t feel that substantial. I expected more intense feelings when I turned 25 last year, but I was adjusting to life with a new nugget, watching my friends prepare to leave Bishkek and feeling like my mind was in another place altogether while we were figuring out how to leave Bishkek ourselves.

Things are different now. I’m experiencing a golden age in my life, for sure. We live in Belgium, and yes, living in Europe is pretty much every bit as awesome as you think it might be. I watched an episode of Parts Unknown where Anthony Bourdain visited one of the show’s crew members in Granada; he kept talking about how Americans dream of moving to Europe and having an idyllic, European life, but here was his videographer actually doing it. I feel like that these days. I mean, my life rarely includes a midday siesta or free tapas with my nightly boozing (in fact, it rarely includes boozing), but still. I’m living the dream. My own charming rowhouse, awesome cheese and chocolate, fresh frites every week, social services that make my life easier, a picturesque and historic downtown area, a two-income household and a toddler who makes me realize that the “all-joy-no-fun” part of infant-hood does, in fact, become fun at some point.

In other words, everything’s coming up Kirstin and I’m looking forward to see where things go from here. Happy birthday to me!

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