turning 26

May 21, 2014

Today I start my new job as a Social Media Manager for a company that makes TVs. I know! Millennial dream job! Absolutely nothing like what I went to university for! I am nervous and super excited. Oh yeah, and I turn 26 today. It doesn’t feel that substantial. I expected more intense feelings when […]

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our mini terrace

April 29, 2014

One distinctly unique behavior I noticed among my Belgian friends in Kyrgyzstan is that they were constantly talking about terraces. It’s sunny, let’s go sit on a terrace. We’ll order tea and beer and sit on a nice terrace. Farrell and I could never match their enthusiasm, especially in Bishkek where it was sunny most […]

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a day in Antwerp

April 25, 2014

Recently, I met up with Annie of MontgomeryFest for a delightful day in Antwerp! We had (apparently lofty) ambitions of going to one single craft store, with the requisite cafe time thrown in, but also decided to just “swing by” the Antwerp Zoo. It’s located right next to the Antwerpen Centraal station (like, really, just […]

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baby-centric Dutch

April 22, 2014

By the time I left Kyrgyzstan, my Russian was far from the fluent level I had dreamed of achieving when I first moved there. I will give myself credit though, for my taxi-Russian, my restaurant-Russian, and my Darwin-Russian. Babies are natural conversation starters, I find. Especially when Darwin was super small and squishy, strangers would […]

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house tour

April 17, 2014

To show you what a huge contrast this place is from the last place we lived in Bishkek (or any place, really, because plain white walls were a rare find in Bishkek). To show you what you could possibly rent for 760 Euros a month in Gent(brugge, technically just outside of Ghent). To have proof, […]

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should we buy a car?

April 16, 2014

Update! We bought a dang car. Thanks everybody for your responses! Quick post: help me, Internet. Give me your crowd knowledge. Here’s the situation. I got a job offer, and I’m patiently waiting for my work permit to come through. The job is in Bruges until mid-June, then it moves to Ghent. (Stay with me, […]

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Five months in: the pros and cons

April 4, 2014

I’ve only been here for just over five months, so my views are a bit limited, but here are my pros and cons so far: Pro – Ghent is family-friendly. People always seem willing to lend a hand with a stroller, there are tons of parks, playgrounds, and walking/bike paths around, and the city is […]

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a colorful peek inside a demolished building

March 30, 2014

I thought it was some sort of large-scale art piece when I first saw it. It’s an old apartment building that is being dismantled in pieces. Right now (but I’m not sure how much longer), an entire face has been removed, letting everybody have a peek into the empty rooms. On their own, some of […]

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must learn Dutch: resources

March 23, 2014

I wanted to go into more detail about my attempts to learn Dutch. Duolingo. I’ve been using DuoLingo for French… because I love wasting time? I don’t know, I really do enjoy the format. Plus, I studied French in middle school, high school and university, so it’s been nice for my ego to blaze through […]

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when the sun shines

March 22, 2014

…I strap Darwin to my back and go for a long walk, because tomorrow it’s going to be cloudy and cold again.

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