an update

My my my my my! Two years since my last post on this page and I decided to drop in and mention a few huge life changes. Every once in a while I feel an urge to start blogging again (indeed, looking at my drafts, I nearly kickstarted it up again in February 2015), but […]

the end of the blog

I haven’t been blogging lately and I haven’t felt much desire to. I’ve been keeping up with this little blob of webspace for over five years now, and it has grown stale. It’s not giving me the satisfaction it once did. This decision is actually a long time coming, before I started working in an […]

Ivory Pomegranate on Instagram

After leaving Kyrgyzstan, I upgraded my candy-bar Nokia cell phone (that I had been using since 2007) to a smartphone. It not only has a color screen (!!!) but it also takes photos! Whoa, technology, cool! Anyway, I’m on Instagram now. It’s mostly photos of Darwin and random shots of Ghent, because I’ve been receiving […]

Sponsored Post: Brilliant Bulgaria!

Why Bulgaria should be on your Holiday Hit List It might not be the most obvious holiday destination, but Bulgaria has a lot to offer visitors. With a proud history, delicious food and wonderful beaches there‚Äôs something for everyone. Activities on offer include horse riding, diving, quad biking, cycling and snow sports, perfect for a […]

Reader Survey

Dear Readers! Coming up on my third blogging anniversary, I decided I’d like to learn more about you and created this short, 10-question reader survey. If you could please complete it as honestly as possible, I would very much appreciate it. I ran out of questions, but if you have any additional comments or suggestions […]