cupcakes and muffins

Semolina muffins

July 7, 2010

I have to start out by saying I know. I know muffins from franchise coffee houses (and, let’s face it, some mom-and-pop hipster-licious places as well) will never be as good as ones I make at home. I know this. Even as I sit in a Starbucks, eating a muffin, I recognize that I bake […]

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How to throw together a BBQ

June 3, 2010

Farrell and I are blessed to have a small porch with our bitty apartment. On this porch is a cheap grill, some rusted chairs, and a makeshift table fashioned from a shipping crate. So what happens when you add two scheming newlyweds and a day off from work to the mix? Farrell got a call […]

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Ch-ch-ch-cherry muffins

May 28, 2010

Ahh, the joys and sorrows of a new routine. The last time I was forced to wake up this early, I was getting rockets launched at my shipping container. But the bright side of things? My current alarm clock is a lot less jarring than a duck-and-cover alarm…(and I’m not getting rockets launched at me). […]

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Mother’s Day muffins, part two

May 11, 2010

For something as important as Mother’s Day I knew I couldn’t just tease my mom (again) with my awesome-looking baked goods, so Farrell and I hopped on a bus (very early Saturday morning) and headed up to Philly to hand deliver the blueberry muffins that had come out of the oven only hours before. Fresh […]

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Strawberry cupcakes

April 30, 2010

This blog is badly in need of a cupcake update. How long has it been now, like a whole month? Too long…too long. Luckily, one of my most hilarious and clever friends had a birthday recently. Someone asked Farrell if he could “twist my arm” into making cupcakes for the occasion. Done. It’s twisted. No […]

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oatmeal cookie cupcakes

March 29, 2010

We all know a person like this. This person always has some new scheme brewing in the back of their mind, some new job, career, business proposal, whatever. The constant entrepreneur. Sometimes they just tell you about it, sometimes they get you involved. For a week you and this person will talk about nothing but […]

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Beet cupcakes with honey-ginger frosting

January 10, 2010

Here’s another novel idea for my fantasy cupcake shop (you know, the one that will also sell Iraqi flag-cakes?): Cupcakes made with veggies! Bright, vibrant, healthy golden beets in this case.

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Baking spree: Iraq-themed cupcakes

December 19, 2009

Prior to finding this heart-breaking piece in the New York Times Style section, I had a flash of brilliance back in D.C. concerning my future career plans. “When I’m done with this whole ‘traveling and living in third-world countries’ thing, I should totally open a trendy cupcake shop in the city!” And every new bakery […]

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