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would you ever go back?

January 31, 2014

Farrell’s company is going through some major changes and there’s a small but terrifying (but not end-of-the-world terrifying, and it’s a small chance, so any family emails related to this sentence will be ignored) chance that maybe Farrell could lose his job (but it’s small, probably unlikely, but you never know). This all made me […]

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my history of living abroad

January 28, 2014

I’ve done quite a bit of moving around the world, some of which was never shared here or only shared in bits and pieces. I decided to write out my full history of spending extended lengths of time abroad, and maybe I’ll expand on certain experiences in more detail in a later post. In 2007, […]

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the most shocking culture shock

January 2, 2014

(so far) There are tons of things to adapt to about living in Ghent/Belgium/Europe that are different from the US or Kyrgyzstan. Little things, like discovering that my favorite mascara costs 11 Euros here (compared to $5-6 in the US) and taking the minuscule step of buying store-brand make-up from a chain I’ve never heard […]

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things I will (and won’t) miss about Kyrgyzstan

November 2, 2013

When I first studied abroad, in Amman, Jordan, I remember our program director showing us a picture of a wavy line, similar to the one below, that cycled through high points and low points. She explained that the curve represented our forthcoming emotional rollercoaster, how we would go through stages of loving and hating Amman, […]

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the stuff we forgot we had

October 14, 2013

Neither Farrell nor I knows whose shoes these are. This is just one item we forgot we had stored. I have a thing with things. Maybe it’s a side-effect of moving so often, from being forced to constantly evaluate the value of my belongings, judging what’s worth keeping and paring down to a more easily […]

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this is what sucks about being an expat

July 13, 2013

I had to say goodbye to a really good friend last night. Farrell played a show at an outdoor cafe with Eholami and Dad Manki. It was a beautiful, clear night, and I sat on the grass while Darwin managed to sleep for several hours in a pair of “junior-sized” noise-blocking earphones. People rocked out. […]

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how to find an apartment in Bishkek

July 8, 2013

OKAY GUYS. I get it. I’ve mentioned enough real estate-related terms on this blog that many of you end up here from Google looking for actual advice on how to find an apartment or a house in Bishkek. I receive an unbelieveable amount of emails asking for tips on apartment-hunting, or flat out asking if […]

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in praise of Aeroflot

January 29, 2013

There are few options for flying into Bishkek from the US compared to many other destinations. For cities, your choices are essentially Moscow, Istanbul, or Dubai (you could fly to Almaty/Astana, Urumqi, or a few other cities, and then continue to Bishkek, but to me that seems more trouble than it’s worth). Istanbul and Dubai […]

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baby’s first passport

January 19, 2013

I stressed out about getting Darwin’s passport for months before he was even born. To me, the process of getting a passport is arduous and time-consuming, but there was nothing I could do ahead of time and attempt to cut down this process since, you know, you can’t really get a passport for someone who […]

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questions I’ve been asked

November 16, 2012

(not to be confused with the FAQ section) This is the first time I’ve been back in Pennsylvania since June, and then August 2011 before that. Usually I’m only around for a week or less, so I don’t usually hang out with too many people other than my close friends and immediate family. This time […]

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