my history of living abroad

January 28, 2014

I’ve done quite a bit of moving around the world, some of which was never shared here or only shared in bits and pieces. I decided to write out my full history of spending extended lengths of time abroad, and maybe I’ll expand on certain experiences in more detail in a later post. In 2007, […]

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my newest addition

February 13, 2013

…to my growing collection of film cameras! I picked up this Smena-35 (Смена-35) at Orto-Sai Bazaar for 300 som (about $8). I was drawn partially to the packaging (it was one of the only cameras this vendor had that came with its original box and instruction manual) and partially to my recent desire to pick […]

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a brief update

May 25, 2012

Ah, the harsh reality of trying to keep up with blogging. I always told myself I wouldn’t apologize for long absences and I wouldn’t ever feel it necessary to defend them. But geeeeez, you guys. Emails, messages, meeting people in real life who tell me they read my blog. It’s strange to suddenly get so […]

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Hey Kirstin, what do you actually do?

April 8, 2012

My family thinks I’m in Russia. My friends think I’m a journalist. A lot of people I meet in Bishkek call me a spy (and I think they’re jerks). The House Hunters episode said my husband, Farrell, and I moved to Bishkek to start a media analysis company and cut out my brilliant explanation of […]

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hello, new readers!

September 28, 2011

Our big television debut on House Hunters International is tomorrow night, and the amount of press we’re getting for it is just really overwhelming! So I thought I’d write a bit of an introduction to my multitude of new fans! (just kidding) If you happen to have made it to this page after reading about […]

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my 7 links

September 19, 2011

I had seen this thing popping up on several blogs and assumed I would not get involved due to the fact that I mostly just ramble about life, my cat, and You-said-where-istan. Or I post pictures. But then this lovely lady and fellow travel/photoblogger over at Anywhere But Home decided that I’m worthy of being […]

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