soviet cameras

the last camera

August 12, 2013

I swear, this is the last one I’ll buy in Kyrgyzstan. Dun duh-duh daaaaaaah: But what a great way to end my Soviet camera purchases, with my dream camera: the Sputnik. A friend and I stopped into an antiques shop that I had previously visited searching for the Sputnik. I wasn’t looking for any more […]

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Orto Sai haul

June 17, 2013

Do I love Orto Sai Bazaar because some of my closest friends go nearly every weekend, or because it is truly a source of amazing treasures? This is what I bought this weekend: A suitcase for 200 som. Look at those patterns! It is in decent shape, too. One of the latches is slightly crooked, […]

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Soviet camera obsession

April 16, 2013

No more cameras. I told Farrell and my friends; don’t let me buy any more cameras (for a little while at least, unless I find a really good deal, or a Sputnik). Last week, I visited a new-to-me antique shop where I had heard there might be a Sputnik for sale. There wasn’t one, but […]

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my “ticket list”

April 11, 2013

I’m a fan of making lists. Whether or not I actually succeed at doing everything that’s on that list, I still find it a useful process for sorting through my thoughts, hopes and dreams for what I’d like to accomplish before I leave Kyrgyzstan. When will I leave Kyrgyzstan for good? Oh geez. Who knows. […]

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Karakol Antiques

March 20, 2013

During our day spent walking around Karakol, we passed an antiques store and I told Farrell we absolutely had to stop in there and visit before we went back to the guesthouse. Having recently purchased another Soviet-era film camera, I was in the mood to look for more and smitten at the thought of finding […]

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my newest addition

February 13, 2013

…to my growing collection of film cameras! I picked up this Smena-35 (Смена-35) at Orto-Sai Bazaar for 300 som (about $8). I was drawn partially to the packaging (it was one of the only cameras this vendor had that came with its original box and instruction manual) and partially to my recent desire to pick […]

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