things I bought

the finished dresses

September 7, 2013

Wow, being back in the US (I’m back in the US, did I forget to mention that?) has been a total whirlwind. Every time I think I have a free moment, I’ll sort through all the windows on my desktop and remind myself of another folder of photos I have to edit and post up […]

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the last camera

August 12, 2013

I swear, this is the last one I’ll buy in Kyrgyzstan. Dun duh-duh daaaaaaah: But what a great way to end my Soviet camera purchases, with my dream camera: the Sputnik. A friend and I stopped into an antiques shop that I had previously visited searching for the Sputnik. I wasn’t looking for any more […]

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so much fabric

July 25, 2013

In an attempt to do as many Central Asia-related activities (and buy as many Central Asia-related things) as I possibly can before I move to Belgium, I went a bit crazy collecting different fabrics with the intention of getting some sweet threads made. Why? Mostly just because it seems like a ridiculous luxury to get […]

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Orto Sai haul

June 17, 2013

Do I love Orto Sai Bazaar because some of my closest friends go nearly every weekend, or because it is truly a source of amazing treasures? This is what I bought this weekend: A suitcase for 200 som. Look at those patterns! It is in decent shape, too. One of the latches is slightly crooked, […]

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the best Turkish coffee

May 29, 2013

This was my third trip to Istanbul and I was determined to drink as many tiny cups of Turkish coffee as I could get my hands on, so when I read this NPR article about Turkish coffee, I paid particular attention to the cafe mentioned in the first line, Mandabatmaz. The hotel we stayed at […]

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Soviet camera obsession

April 16, 2013

No more cameras. I told Farrell and my friends; don’t let me buy any more cameras (for a little while at least, unless I find a really good deal, or a Sputnik). Last week, I visited a new-to-me antique shop where I had heard there might be a Sputnik for sale. There wasn’t one, but […]

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art studio visit

February 20, 2013

A few weekends ago, a friend and former coworker was visiting from Almaty and offered to show us her father’s art studio in Bishkek. Her father, Jyrgal Maturaimov, is a very talented painter. Farrell had seen some of her father’s paintings that she had posted on Facebook, and we had already decided that we need […]

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