Spring Break ’09: Romania and Finland

Only a few weeks late…I had papers to write!

Anyway, it was awesome!

Back when we booked our tickets, for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to leave from JFK, so we took at 7am bus from DC in order to get to New York in time for our 6pm flight…

It was my mission to get a real New York bagel, but it was cold and windy, we were carrying heavy suitcases, and we simply stumbled upon Penn Station, so I settled for a mediocre diner bagel. Oh well…it’s not like I adore bagels or anything…it’s not like my nickname is “Bagel”…

But I digress. We land in Helsinki around 8am, and as you can tell from the picture, it’s freezing and we’re super happy!!! I barely even remember roaming around town…I didn’t exactly get to sleep on the plane.

You know, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from Romania. I mean, it’s “Eastern Europe”, so you kind of assume that things will be a bit different, but boy was I surprised! Buggies are actually extremely efficient vehicles and just look at the charm oozing out of our house!

Ha! I’m kidding. That’s a picture from the Village Museum in Bucharest. They collected old houses from villages all over Romania and transported them to one place. The rest of Romania (from what I saw) is actual well-entrenched in the 21st century (for those of you who weren’t sure).

We played around in Bucharest for a few days, ate Romanian food, smoked hookah (of course!), went to a club that played some pretty awesome music! At the club I got mistaken for a Romanian speaker waaay too many times! It must have been that aura I gave off, like I really knew what was going on around me…or something like that.

After that we headed back to home base in the country before jetting off to Bran, which is in Transylvania (dun dun dun)! We got to drive through lots of curvy mountain passes (my favorite…), watch terrible Jean Claude Van Damme movies, and wake up too…

and then we went and saw “Dracula’s Castle” which basically means that they sell lots of hokey Dracula themed souvenirs outside of the castle.

and, I guess this is a sort-of food blog, so here’s some delicious food!

Well, I think this post is certainly large enough for now. Part two will hopefully come sooner than three weeks from now.