Cannolis and gardening

What a busy sort-of non-busy week…if that makes sense? Spring semester is finally over, Fabio is back from being abroad for seven weeks, and I have about two weeks until I start my one and only summer class. Somehow, with all this supposedly new free time on my hands, I still feel like I’m always […]

banana bread with dark chocolate and walnuts

It’s about time I went food shopping…I think it’s been almost two weeks now. I mean, I still have plenty of food, but I’m in desperate need of some basics. How did I find out that I desperately needed some basic food items? Well, what I did have laying around were three brown, speckly bananas…so […]

pickled grapes

Finals are almost over!! The last one is on Monday, so that practically means I have a whole free weekend! …right? Of course! Studying for a Monday final might as well start on Sunday. That left me plenty of time tonight to final construct a lightbox!!! So what food should I use first to play […]

Why I love Twitter

Twitter for me is not so much about posting constant Facebook status-like updates, but more for following people/websites/organizations/etc that I’m interested in. One thing that I’m following is It just so happens that while taking a Twitter-break at work today, Frank twittered about the opening of a Postsecret exhibit in DC. Even better, he […]