Cannolis and gardening

What a busy sort-of non-busy week…if that makes sense? Spring semester is finally over, Fabio is back from being abroad for seven weeks, and I have about two weeks until I start my one and only summer class.

Somehow, with all this supposedly new free time on my hands, I still feel like I’m always rushing around to do things. I guess I’m just so darn ambitious that I’m always finding things to do.

Like gardening!

Actually, gardening is not my thing at all. F gave me a peace lily before he went abroad this past time, one) because it’s pretty and it’s a meaningful gift, and two) because it’s (supposedly) very easy to care for.

Ha! It’s still alive…but just barely. I blame school!

Now that F is back, he’s been crazed on starting a container garden on our back patio (probably the only perk of living on the ground floor…plus you don’t have to haul the piano up any stairs!). I couldn’t help but get at least a bit involved, and I bought myself this lil fella!

Cute, right? I figure I’ll take him to work, where I’ll water him a bit, and use him to fend off annoying co-workers.

So what do cacti have to do with cannolis? Not much that I know of, other than both came about in my house around the same time that F got back. Last time he came back from abroad, I made him sweet potato muffins, so I had to mix things up a bit. Cannolis seem a bit lighter, more well suited for spring/summer.

(and a shameless excuse to use my new pizzelle maker!)

A handy label, in case I happen to forget what those oddly-shaped plates make.

Admittedly, these are not “traditional” cannolis, but rather pizzelles that I shaped using cannoli forms and filled with ricotta, etc.