Grilled chicken taco

I’m so happy that it’s finally getting warm in DC! Yeah, it’s a bit rough with all of the random rainstorms, but it seems like most of the time the weather is pretty nice.

So what better way to spend time in the warm weather than grilling? Luckily F’s and my apartment has an itty-bitty concrete slab we like to call a back porch that nicely fits a cheap grill and plastic chairs. Lovely, right?

We haven’t gotten too fancy with the grill yet…and when I say “we”, I mean Farrell…because let’s get serious…

I don’t grill…not yet at least. But I will always be there to make dessert.

Or, in some cases, I can take F’s grilled chicken and throw together a quick snack like this one!

I could barely even call this a recipe, because everything can pretty much be adapted to suit your tastes. This particular beauty used grilled chicken (just shred with your fingers) that was marinated in barbecue sauce, onions that I cooked up in a skillet ’til they were crispy and caramelized, a dollop of chipotle salsa, and fresh cilantro bits, all on top of a corn tortilla. Maybe I’ll go all out and make my own tortillas next time?

Or maybe I just won’t buy Whole Foods brand tortillas anymore…

So, there you go, happy summer!