Nostalgia for real breakfast

Ahh…good morning Columbus, GA! What do you have to offer me today? Ten hours of standing in lines to go through medical forms? Vaccinations? Frustrations?

Oh well. I’ll find some way to deal, as long as I have a good breakfast. It really is the key to my day, and I like to take full advantage of slow sips of coffee and and full, elaborate meals under normal circumstances. So what did Fort Benning offer me this morning?

I’ll give you a hint…it’s nothing like that fantastic picture. There was no fresh baguette, topped with crisp mescalin lettuce, perfectly poached eggs, vibrant (local/organic/farmers market) red tomatoes, and artisan sharp cheddar. Heck no! Besides (way too many) containers of various beige-colored glop, there’s only dry pancakes and flavorless scrambled eggs.

Is it a requirement in the military to only serve dry pancakes? Did some sort of commanding officer wake up one morning to a plate stacked high with moist, fluffy pancakes and say, “Nope! This needs to go!” Why, sir? Why!

So Kirstin suffers with dry pancakes. In a previous life though, I would wake up in my quaint apartment in my trendy DC neighborhood, and I would have food that wasn’t merely breakfast…

…it was practically art, and it was real!

Of course, there are worse things to “suffer” through than my umpteenth plate of dry, military pancakes. For example, I’d prefer said pancakes over a barrage of mortar fire any day of the week.

…but alas, I can still be nostalgic for better days.