Midnight snacking on fried frog

Imagine this scenario: You’ve just traveled several time zones to the right. It’s nearing your normal bed time, your hotel room is dark and cozy, but the combination of a messed up body rhythm, an earlier nap, and the bustling street sounds below you are forcing you awake. And worse? …you’re hungry! What do you […]

Tame nature in KL

I didn’t really anticipate that my recent vacation to Malaysia would include so much nature-oriented activity. Though, I guess the only thing I really planned on doing was noshing through Malaysia’s fantastic cuisine. And I did. But there’s only so much eating one can do in a day. Sometimes it’s necessary to walk around a […]

U.K. Christmas Ball

Sometimes I forget that there is some small bit of glamour associated with working at an embassy, and with the holiday season upon us, this meant the British Embassy Christmas Ball!! It was an opportunity for everybody to dress up nice, ditch work for a couple hours, eat some fantastic British food (like Yorkshire pudding?), […]