For the love of lattice

For the lucky readers and bakers who aren’t still stuck in winter (or war zones), farmers markets in some parts of the world are bursting forth with all sorts of wintry goodies, like citrus! I can’t even believe how many meyer lemon recipes I’ve seen on foodgawker and tastespotting recently! I’m jealous…totally jealous. Because it […]

dim sum!

Can you tell I’m a bit nostalgic for Malaysia lately? Maybe it’s the clear, warm weather, the lack of dust storms, the lack of bombs, and the carefree environment? …Or maybe it’s the dim sum!

Wandering through mangroves

On a day trip in during our Malaysia vacation, Farrell and I stayed on a nature reserve in Kuala Selangor, located an hour or so north of Kuala Lumpur. The only transportation option is a rickety public bus that careens around sharp curves that loop around tea plantations and drops you right in the center […]

I stand for haggis

I know, with some certainty, that I am part Italian, German, and Irish. With less certainty I could say there might be some Scottish mixed in there as well. Two nights ago at the British Embassy in Baghdad, everybody celebrated their Scottish heritage, whether it’s real or not. In true IZ fashion, Brits, Scots, Irishmen, […]

Moonstruck chocolate truffles

This past Christmas was the second time I was away from my family (yup, I’m still in Baghdad), meaning celebrations had to be improvised. The first time was in 2007 when I decided that I simply could not be bothered to return home after my semester in Jordan, so I went to Thailand by myself […]