Touch football and plastic lenses

Farrell got me a Diana telephoto lens for Christmas, from my new favorite photography site Photojojo, and I decided to try it out during a big game of (day after) New Year’s Day touch football. Since the lens is made of plastic, it gave everything a soft blur and messed with the colors a bit.


There were a lot of helicopters buzzing over us.

I love the dreamy look of the buildings in the background.

Shipping containers and palm trees, two common sights.

I was trying to capture the palm tree shadow in the back.

This one, I experimented by pulling the lens off of the camera body slightly. Even more dreamy blur.

I think this shot best captures what the lens does differently than others. The guy in black is really out of focus, while the guy to the far right, you can see more details in his face, but he looks wispy, like a ghost. Ooo!!

Overall, a great Christmas present, and I can’t wait to play around with it more! Oh yeah, other than the first shot, there is not post-production on these shots.