Moonstruck chocolate truffles

This past Christmas was the second time I was away from my family (yup, I’m still in Baghdad), meaning celebrations had to be improvised.

The first time was in 2007 when I decided that I simply could not be bothered to return home after my semester in Jordan, so I went to Thailand by myself for three weeks. I spent Christmas Eve/Day dancing on a beach at a full moon party on one of the islands. I hung out with a random bunch of backpackers that included some Irish guys and a French fire-twirler. And somehow, I lost my shoes and had to trek around two separate islands to buy new flip flops.

Gosh, how I’ve grown up! This Christmas was much less exciting, but being in one easy-to-deliver-to location made it a lot better for receiving presents!

My mom, what a wonderful mom, sent me and Farrell two stockings that were absolutely stuffed with presents. One of the best things was a little packet of four Moonstruck Chocolate truffles in fun winter shapes.

Moonstruck Chocolate specializes in all sorts of (delicious looking) gourmet truffles, in cute shapes like cats, dogs, and all sorts of seasonal delights.

Of course, I have sampled all four truffles…umm, for the good of the blog.

Candy cane truffle – I’m not the biggest fan of white chocolate, but I really appreciated how subtle the mint flavor was. It tastes nothing like a tic-tac, which is how many “mint-flavored” candies usually end up.

Eggnogg snowman truffle – This one had a surprisingly authentic eggnog taste! It was really shocking, actually. The flavor was smooth and had a touch of warmth (strange, considering it’s a snowman!). Adding to it’s authenticity, the flavor was a bit too rich and I could only have one bite for now. When I drink eggnog I’ll usually dilute it halfway with milk, and that’s what I thought of when I bit off the snowman’s hat.

Milk chocolate gift truffle – Mild and creamy. I was bombarded with a lot of sweets over the holiday season (churches love to send care packages chock full of candy to deployed troops and their coworkers) and it reminded me how much mediocre chocolate exists in the world, so what’s most remarkable about this truffle is simply that this is some high-quality chocolate. According to a little packet that came with the chocolates, showcasing the company’s other flavors, this little present features their signature milk chocolate. It definitely deserves the distinction.

Bittersweet christmas tree truffle – This one was the most intricately decorated and the one that I guessed would be my favorite before trying any, just because I love dark chocolate so much. This truffle did not disappoint. Where the other truffles had an exterior that was more pliable and soft, blending into each creamy bite, this one had a firmer shell that snapped against my teeth before revealing the treasure inside. Dark chocolate ganache, luscious and decadent. This truffle also had spectacular texture from the giant sugar crystal ornaments. The crunch definitely set this truffle apart from the others.

Eating truffles like these makes me disappointed that all candies can’t be as exquisite and gourmet as Moonstruck’s truffles! But, then again, it’s better that they’re a rare treat, because it certainly makes me appreciate them more. I did notice that they have special Valentine’s Day truffles though….hint hint!!

*Note* This endorsement comes completely of my own free will, because I was so smitten with not only the exquisite craftsmanship of these truffles, but also the spectacular taste.