dim sum!

Can you tell I’m a bit nostalgic for Malaysia lately? Maybe it’s the clear, warm weather, the lack of dust storms, the lack of bombs, and the carefree environment?

…Or maybe it’s the dim sum!

Another late night trip to Jalal Alor brought us to Restoran 1+1. There were more rowdy teens with faux-hawks giggling over cheap beers, and various loners…also sipping cheap beers. I ordered a coconut, because sometimes I just have to be that tourist who buys a coconut at midnight.

Farrell decided to blend in with a cheap beer.

I kept a little pocket notebook with me to remember all the goodies I consumed during this trip and all the adjectives I think of to describe them, but for this dish the only thing I wrote was that “they were steamy and chewy and everything I wanted!”

I think that says it all.