Happy Election Day!

I have to admit, I’ve been sort of overdosing on Iraqi politics and news for almost eight months now and I’m just about completely fizzled out. (Read: I’ve got exactly two weeks left)

That being said, it’s election day so I feel a bit compelled to throw in my two cents. It’s sort of a big deal, you know?

There were a few problems throughout the day. I met Farrell and some coworkers for coffee this morning and they told me about a round of “booms” starting early this morning. There is some serious construction work going on right behind my house/metal box that I’ve been able to successfully tune out with some heavy-duty earplugs, so the explosions didn’t really affect me this morning.

(Attacks and explosions of any sort can be really tragic, but I was relieved that for once they weren’t aimed at us!)

The media had a bit of a frenzy reporting the attacks, but all in all, it doesn’t seem to have had much of an effect on voters.

Yay! That’s what everybody loves to hear! Iraqis choosing freedom over terrorism!

Ayad Al-Samarrai, parliament speaker and totally adorable (Getty images)

There was the usual spate of complaints too. This many people couldn’t vote here, such and such wasn’t on the registration list, so and so gave out cell phones in exchange for votes. Overall though? Today went pretty well, especially compared to the violence and corruption that occured in 2005.

The real test will be how the elected officials pull themselves together into a cohesive government. But even this is something I wouldn’t be too quick to judge them on. I mean, has anybody looked at the U.S. Congress lately?

Yeah…exactly. Whatever happens, I wish the country the best of luck as I politely duck out of this place and return home.