Brie and apple sandwich

Nothing complicated today. I want you to see this sandwich and imagine how good it would taste. And then I want you to go make it and enjoy it as much as I did.

Brie could, at first, be thought of the star of this simple sandwich. It’s rich, creamy and deliciously oozy. Not a usual choice for a grilled cheese, brie is a special treat. But it’s not the star.

The true secret to this sandwich is the combination of a sliced apple. The humble sweetness enhances the delicate buttery flavor of the brie, while it’s soft crunch meshes beautifully with brie’s overdose of melted goodness.

Whip out your good bread for this. Take my word for it; this sandwich is worth it. Even better? Adding little billowy leaves of fresh basil for one more subtle zing of flavor to take everything to another level.

So get to it! Throw down a bit of butter in a pan, stack your sandwich and grill it up to toasty perfection.