help choose my wedding ring!

One more quick post for today. Farrell and I have narrowed down all of the rings we’ve looked at to two, and I’m looking for some extra help in deciding which one to ultimately choose. We already picked out Farrell’s ring.

We’re going for something non-conventional and artsy. I like that both of these rings are different than typical wedding bands, and they’re also hand made and support independent artists.

The first one is made of silver and a bitty sapphire. It would go well with my engagement ring, which is white gold, and would fit my growing interest in gemstones (I took an amateur gemologist class in Baghdad). The second one is oxidized steel with a gold rivet, sort of matching the ring we chose for Farrell.

So, world, what do you think? Leave a comment, email me [kirstin at ivorypomegranate dot com], or tweet me [@kmschrier] with your thoughts!

*Update on May 21st* Opinions are leaning overwhelming toward the sapphire one. I’m down in South Carolina for a friend’s wedding and I decided today (also my birthday! I’m 22!) would be perfect to take the plunge and buy my wedding ring. Let’s face it, the sapphire one is much prettier and I think I’ll appreciate it’s beauty and simplicity for the rest of my married life with Farrell. (Aww!)

Thanks for weighing in everybody!