Charleston wedding

Here’s the thing, readers.

First thing, I’m in Charleston, SC, for the wedding of two wonderful friends. It was beautiful and I’m thoroughly enjoying this chance to relax in a place that is fully embracing Spring (unlike DC, which thinks it might still be Winter).

Second thing, I’m getting married in 49 days! Going to a wedding this weekend has made me realize how much planning I still have to do. Since I took on several DIY projects, expect several wedding/craft related posts in the near future. Baking and cooking may be more sparse.

Maybe not though, cupcake shortages aren’t really tolerated for long in my life.

Third, thank you to everybody who weighed in on the blog or twitter for choosing my wedding ring! I went ahead and ordered the sapphire one, definitely the winner of the two.

And fourth, here are some of my favorite pics from my weekend in Charleston so far. Today a bunch of friends are meeting at the beach so there should be more fun summery pics by tomorrow. Enjoy!

The groom and my groom.

Kelli! So pretty.

The wedding had a Southern-ish theme. Tables had these awesome milk jars on them and everybody drank out of mason jars. Did I want to steal one? Yes. Did I? No, too much of a good kid for that. But if anybody knows where to buy those sorts of jars cheaply, holler at me.

My boo 🙂 Glowing in the evening.

The lovely bride, Angelina! Dancing with her new brother-in-law to some Bluegrass jams.

And the departure. Ike’s Peace Corps buddies lit fireworks, sparklers and other hazardous, flammable things.