Weekend update

I’m starting to figure out that I can’t really find the energy or time to blog during the week. I still cook a lot, but taking pictures, processing them, writing an entry and attempting to get the word out about my humble web log can take hours.

And of course, it’s completely feasible to get all of that done during the week so that I’m not posting about dishes I made two weeks ago. I get home around 6:30 (or later, depending on how many times the metro breaks down and how far away it breaks down from my stop. Lately, it’s often and far), which leaves plenty of time to make some progress before my grandma sleep schedule kicks in around 10pm…right?

But my schedule is packed full of other things. Like watching Glee reruns on Hulu…or preparing my upcoming nuptials or move to “country-stan” (as my step mom calls it).

Or, enjoying life. (which is not to say I don’t enjoy blogging, I just don’t always enjoying following up 9 hours of staring at a computer by staring at a computer)

Anyway. All of that brings me to this point. Food-related posts will come out in their usual sporadic way, but they may not be timely to when the dish was actually made and photographed. There will be less references to “Yesterday, I made this…” “I baked this for a party last night…” etc.

But, other things are going on and I’d love to share them as well! Like last weekend’s stroll through the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market, and fun things I did this weekend. A new phase of Ivory Pomegranate: weekend updates of my life.

This is essentially an experiment in narcissism. Maybe this is just to show off some pretty non-food pictures I take, maybe it’s to remind myself during the work week that I’m not always a soulless office pawn, maybe it’s an excuse for me to skip calls to my parents, knowing that if they read their darling daughter’s blog (like they’re supposed to), they’ll learn what she’s up to (mom and dad, it’s a win-win situation, I swear).

Before this post morphs into my ninth grade Livejournal, I’ll get to the good stuff.

First, Jazz in the Park! Red wine, pizza, grass, sunshine, and lots of people-watching (my favorite creeper activity).

Inappropriate photo shoots in the sculpture garden.

The smooth sounds of jazz? Actually, I couldn’t hear much of anything over the roar of 20-something yuppies. (Let’s hope the novelty of the event wears off by next week.)

The night was ended with almost starting a small fire at a tapas restaurant, exciting!

Saturday could have been boring. Farrell and I got suited up for scooting to the Georgetown DMV.

The line was stretched outside of the actual DMV and past several nearby buildings; it would’ve been a wait of several hours, at least. So we explored a bit of Georgetown instead.

My first time in a Dean and Deluca! Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever yearned to be wealthy more than when I was wandering around this market. Fancy everything. A pail of moutarde dijon? Racks of expensive oils and vinegars?

Oh, and those beautifully crafted cupcakes. In fact, they offered tons of great-looking sweets. And did you know they offer free samples of most of those sweets? Brownies, gooey pecan bars, chips…it was a really convenient way to put off going somewhere for lunch.

(Although, I’m sure that’s not what the free samples are intended for.)

Then I finally got a chance to head to Baked and Wired to try the cupcakes that friends have told me so much about.

So so good! Pros: gigantic portions, tons of variety offered on a daily basis, excellent frosting to cupcake ratio (I shun skyscrapers of frosting). Cons: not much, really. They’re probably a bit more expensive than the usual cupcakeries, and the frosting was a bit on the dry side. But it was also maple flavored and utterly delicious otherwise.

And we saw mules, right smack in the middle of one of the ritziest parts of the district. Weird and touristy.

In conclusion of Saturday, I decided that Georgetown is comparable to a deep-fried Oreo: a total sensory-overload, completely delightful and over-the-top, but to be enjoyed sparingly at best, like twice a year. Or else you’ll have a heart attack.

(Okay, so this weekend update thing, too much? Stick to baking? Let me know in the comments section if I should get back in the kitchen or spread my blogging wings every once in a while.)