Oh, hello!

No excuses. I have to start out this post by mentioning that there should be no excuses for my lack of blogging.

But… I should mention that I’ve been a bit busy lately, in the most positive way that someone can be busy. This weekend, for example, was a blur of barbecues, pride parades, frenzied wedding preparation, and hanging out with a ton of awesome people. There were old faces and new acquaintances, drag queens, Lady Gaga marching bands, late-night bowls of the best no-frills noodle soup, the most preciously teeny puppy I’ve ever seen, oven-hot chocolate chip cookies, and a giant barrel of steamed crabs coated in a thick paste of Old Bay (that took days to scrub from under my fingernails).

And there’s the usual stuff. The commute still ruins my life in a way that’s melodramatic and completely exaggerated. My responsibilities at work have slowed down so much that I’m either doing my job so well or completely wrong… but whatever the reason, I have little to do for the last third of my workday, which sucks out most of my motivation to do anything productive when I get home.

I’m still cooking. I’m always cooking. Those cookies mentioned earlier? Courtesy of me. I still have some dough resting in the fridge that will hopefully make its way to the oven and eventually the blog (under a fabulous new macro lens in honor of the 22nd anniversary of my birth, from the wonderful lady who brought me into this world in the first place).

But I’m also furiously assembling fabric flowers, planning for my move to Kyrgyzstan (tickets are bought, it’s definitely happening!), and waging an eternal war against clutter and mess around my bitty apartment.

So… stay tuned… eventually… for something more interesting.