A productive weekend

Weekends can be bittersweet for ambitious procrastinators like myself. I hype up the weekends as the only time I’m ever able to do anything other than work or sleep, but I’ll usually spend the majority of the weekend watching Law & Order on Netflix, catching up on all of my favorite blogs, or other enjoyable, but completely unproductive ways to pass time.

But this weekend I managed to make the most out of those two precious days.

I went to Baltimore! Farrell and I met our wedding photographer there and we did our engagement shoot. Not only does she have the coolest name ever (hint: same as mine), but she’s a total pro and was such a doll to put up with our weird/vague location requests. (I’m sure “something gritty” is not an easy direction to follow)

I made peach pies! A whopping two days after purchase, my bag of peaches started to go south so I threw together a recipe for mini-pies using dough I already had in the freezer. Taking a cue from Smitten Kitchen, I added tapioca pearls to thicken up the filling. It worked… sort of. Some of the pearls didn’t cook and looked odd sitting on top of the lovely baked peaches; I think in the future I’ll stick with a heaping amount of tapioca starch.

(Also this weekend, I apparently forgot how to take decent pictures of food, but trust me that this is a good recipe and I swear your pies will be pretty if you make this! Find the recipe at the end of the post.)

I finished my wedding flowers! (…almost!) I have a small handful of blossoms left to sew, glue, assemble, etc, but my main bouquet is essentially complete.

See, Mom? They’re pretty! I swear I’m not crazy.

– Peach mini-pies – an Ivory Pomegranate recipe
Pie dough, one batch should be enough for one large pie pan or six mini-pie pans (I suggest Smitten Kitchen’s all-butter pie dough)
5 medium-sized ripe peaches
juice from one large lemon (or at least two smaller ones)
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 tbsp granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup tapioca starch
2 tbsp tapioca pearls (optional)

– Prepare pie dough and baking vessels, whether you’re making one large pie or six mini-pies. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
– Peel and slice peaches and place in a large bowl. Pour in lemon juice and stir peach slices to coat.
– Mix sugars, vanilla, tapioca starch and tapioca pearls in with the peach+lemon juice. Stir thoroughly to combine, making sure there are no lumps.
– Cook pies for 55-60 minutes (5-10 minutes more if you’re making one large pie), until the filling is thickened and crust is lightly browned.