Independent on Independence Day

The original plan for this weekend was a camping trip in Maryland with my boo and a few friends. Following a somewhat disappointing Sleigh Bells show that included waaaay too many sorority girls on Friday night, I woke up Saturday morning feeling awful. A scratchy throat thing that had bothered me during the week was showing itself in full force.

Then Farrell suggested I take a vitamin first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (note to self: not a good idea) and that pretty much sealed the deal; I’m staying home and forcing myself to get better the week before my wedding.

So I celebrated my Independence Day weekend by being independent. I baked, I finished last minute wedding preparations, and I watched a lot of Law and Order on Netflix. Truly patriotic, if you ask me. But here’s more proof.




Recipes to follow soon, hope you guys had a great holiday weekend!