no love for McLean

Another chapter has been shut: I will never return to McLean, VA, ever again. It was strange being the girl that’s leaving when I was only there for barely two months. One of my bosses never learned how to pronounce my name correctly. Another decided that my exit interview would only consist of handing in my building pass.

My dilemma at the end of the day was how to overcome the inevitable awkward good-byes. I hadn’t connected with anybody during my brief stint there, so I spent a better part of my workday discussing with Farrell the ethics of simply leaving without saying anything to anyone (like I would every other day).

In the end, it was a Friday afternoon and most people left before me anyway. The people I did see on my way out wished me well on my move to Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Terrorstan (said in complete seriousness, from the guy who brought us Scorpion-Corn). I gave my contact info to one (now former) coworker and rode the elevator out with the only guy to ever invite me to an out-of-office lunch, and I guess that means something. Maybe he’ll say something positive about me when someone brings up That-Girl-Who-Moved-To-Whateverstan.

Well, whatever. Next chapter begins now. Farrell and I have ditched our jobs and are celebrating our freedom with a long weekend in Tennessee. Are there any need-to-see sites or need-to-eat foods that I shouldn’t miss?

Have a fun weekend!