Seriozna: Explosion in Bishkek

I got an email from Farrell this morning; he was at AUCA for an early statistics class:

“I think a bomb just went off near the school. It sounded just like Baghdad. I’m ok. I’ll see you soon.”

Oh shit.

Calm down. Maybe it was fireworks. It’s always fireworks, even in the middle of a bright sunny day, because the neighborhood boys just love setting them off.

Farrell was home shortly thereafter and we started our search. Yup, an explosion in Bishkek. Two people injured at the location where a heavy trial is supposed to take place.

It coincided nicely with a group discussion in my Anthropology class about whether Kyrgyzstan has any hope for a bright future. The phrase, “I think I’ll try to get citizenship elsewhere” was thrown around several times.

There was definitely an increased police presence around the city center today.

Today’s post brought to you by the vocabulary word, “взрыв”, which means “explosion”. Exciting times to be in Bishkek!