not a morning person

My photography class starts at 8:00 AM.

Why!? Apparently the last professor had a day job to get to in the morning, leaving me to become very well acquainted with pre-dawn darkness.

I was told that I could change the class time to something that suited me better. Suited my preference to stay up late to watch reruns of Korean dramas, sleep in until the sun is fully awake to greet me, and eat a slow breakfast.

Some may say this is sort of lazy. But I just don’t like doing much in the mornings.

So, the first day of class. I tried my best to wake up with enough time to be lazy (a bit counterintuitive, because if just resign to rushing around, I could sleep more), arrived to unlock the door at exactly (approximately) 8 o’clock, and cheerfully announced to the students that the first order of business would be figuring out a later time to meet. I expected smiles and expressions that I had just answered their prayers.

Oh, that’s not really what happened. Turns out these kids’ schedules are so packed with class, work, independent lessons, internships, etc, that it was impossible to find a new time. In fact, I could tell some of them absolutely dreaded the thought of some American chick messing up their carefully planned schedule.

Well, students. You win. I’m not a morning person, but I guess I’ll learn to be.