House Hunters International

Thanks to this lovely blog, I was contacted by a TV production company and asked if Farrell and I would like to (possibly) be featured on an episode of House Hunters International!

Yes Yes Yes!

So, we whipped up a casting video to show just how picturesque Bishkek can be on a dreary February day. Special thanks to the beautiful and patient Gulzara for acting as camerawoman, interviewer, and for dealing with vendors in the market who insist that if she’s going to film those tomatoes, she should film their tomatoes as well.

House Hunters International casting video from Farrell Styers on Vimeo.

Apparently our story will be pitched to the decision-makers very soon, but I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt if my loyal readers show some comment love and assure them that if we were featured on an episode of HHI, you guys would totally watch it.