First trip to Issyk-Kul

It only took nine months of living in Kyrgyzstan for me to finally get myself to Issyk-Kul, which I will assume is Kyrgyzstan’s most well-known and well-loved tourist attraction. I assume this because for the past nine months, whenever meeting a new Kyrgyz person and after the first set of typical questions (How long have you been here, how long will you stay, what are you doing here, and why Kyrgyzstan?), they always ask, “Have you been to Issyk-Kul?”

And before this weekend, to everybody’s surprise, the answer had always been “No.”

Thanks to another ridiculous week of public holidays (May 2, May 5, May 9), some friends decided to rent a house along the north shore of Issyk-Kul for the weekend.

So Kirstin finally went to see Issyk-Kul.

I wandered around barren beaches, dipped my feet in the (frigid) lake, and poked around an abandoned amusement park (those photos I’m saving for another day).

And I took many many photos, as usual.