Behind the Scenes with HHI (part 1)

House Hunters International in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

What? Really?


That is something I’m still unable to answer. But it happened, and it was strange.

I have big plans for a worthy round-up of the whole clusterf**k that it turned out to be, but for now I’ll leave you with some highlights because I just arrived back in the states (to film the part where they showed me “before” I leave for Bishkek) and I’m a bit wonky from so much time on an airplane (plus, I have higher priorities than the blog at the moment, like Ethiopian food and pillaging my local Target).

The film crew was three awesome British guys who were unfortunately stuck in one of Bishkek’s worst hotels/neighborhoods. Saying that the lock on your hotel door works should not be the sole positive aspect of your room. They were hilarious to be around (especially by the third day when we were all pretty much best friends for life) and the director did his job well, making me feel like I did every shot absolutely “brilliantly”, even when he asked me to do it again in a completely different way.

It seems that the storyline for me leans heavily on always having a camera with me, so they filmed me taking a lot of photos, which, of course, leads to many wonderful photobombs.

Just a short update for now while I compose my thoughts and reintroduce myself to DC life. Stay tuned for more pictures and videos from the filming, and why every detail in the entire episode will (probably) be completely incorrect.

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