Dubai: Day 2

Back out to the desert in flashy dresses. Less camel, more wind (more sand in my camera, eyes, etc).

The models weren’t too happy with the wind.

Their lesson was to try to make a cowboy hat and sunglasses look convincing.

(hmm… successful?)

Adelina in red.

Aikol in green.

Today’s brilliant advice was to take photos on a diagonal. I think most photographers figure out when they’re 17-ish that most of the time, diagonal photos just come out looking amateur. It’s easy to tilt your camera and try to pass it off as something compelling, it’s nearly impossible to actually impress someone with it. Anyway, what I’m saying is, it was easy to tilt my camera to get that last shot, but it looks like I have a way to go to capture something artistic.

For me, today’s lesson was all about taking advice with a grain of salt. Take the photos I want, stow them away on my computer (and my Flickr), take the photos my host wants, show them off to him in daily reports. There are useful things to learn, for sure. In the end, everybody’s happy.