Turkey, part 1: old stuff, ferries, guided tours

I don’t usually do this much moving around, but I’m almost tempted to set up a little “Where is Kirstin?” badge. I do still technically live in Bishkek; it’s where my cat and most of my clothes/possessions are. For now I’m just doing a bit of traveling.

First up, a week in Turkey. We landed in Istanbul and hopped on a bus to Canakkale, a coastal university town that’s near the ruins of Troy and the battlefields of Gallipoli. Here are some notable photos.

The first of many ice cream trips.

Bright colors on the waterfront.

The clock tower in Canakkale.

Farrell was constantly mistaken for a Turk.

The town with the hotels and restaurants (Canakkale) is located across the Dardanelles from where all the historic sites and tours are (Gallipoli). Many ferry rides were taken.

Brighton Beach.

Dedicated tour guide.

ANZAC cemetery at Gallipoli.

Sulva Bay.

Sunset in Canakkale.

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