Turkey, part 2: various old stone things

More photographic evidence of my trip to Turkey. After Canakkale, we made our way to Bergama (via the highly inefficient bus route through Izmir). It was charmingly small-town and stocked with plenty of ancient ruins to gawk at. And gawk we did.

View from the balcony of our guesthouse.
The owner of the guesthouse grew grapes on the rooftop terrace.
Turkish kitten.
Delicious pide.

Bratty children. (Not pictured are them demonstrating their knowledge of nasty hand gestures.)
Another view from the guesthouse terrace.
Photogenic side street.
View from the Acropolis. (Only available if you don’t read the map correctly and take the long way up the hill.)
Old stone things at the Acropolis.
Me (and my formerly long locks) posing with old stone things at the Acropolis.
The extremely vertical theater that I refused to rappel down.
Taking the easy way down the hill in a terrifyingly flimsy cable car. (Hello there, fear of heights!)
More bratty Turkish children who requested one lire to take a photo of them. Of course, if they can’t see you taking a picture, it’s free!
Drying peppers.
Runaway turtle in the street.
The Red Basilica.
One of many Turkish coffees.
Inside the Red Basilica.
Greek inscriptions on an old stone thing at the Asclepeion.
Sheep crossing some old stone things at the Asclepeion.