Goals for 2011 {update}

Remember January? Remember when we were all full of hope at the empty slate that the beginning of a new year presented to us? So we made goals and wrote down the things we hoped to fulfill during the year. What happened to those?

I’m battling some fierce jet-lag at the moment, so like any sane person, I’ve decided to go through some old entries on my blog and I found my New Year’s resolutions for 2011. Let’s see how well I’m doing on accomplishing these.

Get a haircut.

Zing! It’s practically gone! I’d call this goal a success.

More regional travel.
Hmmm. Does a few hours in Kazakhstan count?

Convince at least one person to come visit us in Kyrgyzstan. YES! My mother-in-law braved the trip around the world to come hang out in Bishkek with us for a few days.

Fluency in Russian. Um. I’m working on it.

Make at least one business successful. Ehh, I’d say we’re getting close with Oxus International. Real journalists are even taking Farrell seriously! “Styers, it seems to me, has it exactly right.” Exciting stuff, stay tuned.

Farrell wants to record another album for his band, Language of Termites. Definite progress since his guitar and amp were just shipped here.

Learn video and audio editing software, and make at least one video and one audio documentary. Ouf. Video is definitely my priority at the moment. I have about 50 gigs worth of clips that I just need to motivate myself to put together into something. Stay tuned for this as well.

Consume less sugar and exercise more. Ha! Hahaha! Oh, me.

Watch less television overall, but more Russian-language shows. I don’t have a TV anymore, so I’d say a definite win for the first part and a definite lose for the second.

Make my blog more awesome. Duh, success.

I’m happy to say that all hope is not lost on accomplishing these.

How about you, did you make any resolutions for this year? With only a few months left until another new year, how has your progress been on this year’s resolutions?

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  1. I barely made any resolutions, and my progress on the ones I did is shameful…as always. But, I like to console myself with one of my favourite movie quotes, evar: ‘Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around.’
    …New Years be damned!! 😉

  2. WOW!!! I just love your hair cut! It’s awesome! I love short hair, have been with my short hair cut for the last 1,5 years, became a different person)))

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