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I had seen this thing popping up on several blogs and assumed I would not get involved due to the fact that I mostly just ramble about life, my cat, and You-said-where-istan. Or I post pictures.

But then this lovely lady and fellow travel/photoblogger over at Anywhere But Home decided that I’m worthy of being included in this activity. Thank you, Naomi! It makes me feel like I got an invitation to the cool girl’s Sweet 16 or something similarly exclusive and like, totally rad.

So here’s how it works, there are seven prompts and I go through my entire archive of posts and try to remind readers of a few extra special ones. Since this weblog has gone through several incarnations (food blog to hey-look-I’m-in-Iraq-and-life-is-really-uneventful blog to travel blog to expat blog to posting-whatever-I-want blog), one thing you shouldn’t expect from this group of links is consistency of the subject.

Here we go!

My most beautiful post: With so many photographs floating around this site, it’s too difficult to choose just one, so I’d say this is a tie between photos from a snow-covered, Kyrgyz cemetery and a brightly colored ferris wheel at Issyk Kul.

My most popular post: Cupcakes, of course. This recipe in particular for “oatmeal cookie” cupcakes has the highest all-times views.

My most controversial post: I haven’t stirred up much controversy around here, though I did spill my guts about why I think some people just aren’t cut out for learning a second language. I got some valid feedback in the comments, but my cynical little heart stands by what I wrote.

My most helpful post: I wouldn’t exactly call my posts helpful. Sure, I write about Kyrgyzstan, which a lot of people don’t know much about; I suppose that means every post is helpful in some way. Some people are interested in visiting Kyrgyzstan and stumble upon my blog, possibly looking for helpful information about the country. Then they email me with specific questions, which is when I really can dole out the useful advise.

A post whose success surprised me: It still surprises me whenever people decide to spend their time to read my blog, leave a comment, send me an email, etc. I appreciate it so much!

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: I was a bit surprised the posts I wrote about what really goes into making an episode of House Hunters International {part 1, part 2, part 3} didn’t get as much attention.

The post that I am most proud of: This is tough! I’m certainly proud of this one, my first blog post from Kyrgyzstan, because it represents a significant change I made in my life. Similarly, writing about living in Kyrgyzstan for a whole year represents a pretty gigantic achievement in my mind. Then there’s this one I wrote about how I struggled with my first semester of teaching photography at AUCA. Or these two, where I’m most proud of the food photos I took, lemon peach sorbet and pecan pie. It’s hard to choose just one when this blog has documented so much.

(This is the part where I’m supposed to nominate five more bloggers to take part, although I’ve seen so many people do this already that I’m not sure who’s left!)

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