highlights from Colorado

First! Thank you for all of the wonderful words and unnecessary (but totally flattering) compliments being said about the House Hunters episode! Apparently you all think I’m cute and adventurous. I can’t wait to prove how incredibly normal and somewhat boring I can be. It doesn’t look like the episode will be available for me to see for a while (if there is a way to email a DVR file, then I think I can work with that, so please feel free to do so if you have one! Kirstin{at}ivorypomegranate{dot}com) so I’ll just have to take everybody’s word for it that I didn’t make a grand fool out of myself.

Second! I spent several weeks traveling outside of Kyrgyzstan in August/September and have only posted my photo highlights from Turkey so far (1, 2, 3). But there was plenty to photograph in Colorado as well and I’m going to post some of my favorites while I gather my thoughts for future posts (and work, of course. If I move to Kyrgyzstan to start a business, I should definitely do stuff for it.)

Sister-in-law‘s urban farm animals.

Botanical garden.

Butterfly room at the botanical garden.

Candid moment of my niece.

Hanging out at the end of a race track at midnight. Perfect time to take pictures of stars.

The National Monument.

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  1. All comments were totally true. Your guys show was great. You were both very relaxed and cool in front of the camera. Not nerdy at all. Only positive reactions from all neighbors and friends. “What a great looking couple”

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